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Social media is the new word of mouth, but you certainly don’t need to be on every social media platform - and certainly shouldn’t be. Rather, choose one or two channels that are best suited to your business. Focused, meaningful engagement with your audience is your goal. 
Choose a copywriter that can craft content best suited to the social media platforms where you engage with your audience, in line with your social media strategy to inform, educate or amuse.  You have a captive audience who are open and responsive to your message – use it wisely. 


Facebook sends more referral traffic to businesses than any other social media network and has 2.4 billion users every month. With 2 out of 3 people visiting a local Facebook Business Page each week, it would be absolute insanity not to have your business presence here. 

Talk to The SMART Copywriter about social media content creation for your business.  We offer a basic Facebook Business Page Setup service that includes a header image, logo, profile copy, product or service descriptions and 2 social media posts with images and text.  And,if you'd like ongoing support with social media content creation,we have monthly packages available to suit every business.


Instagram is a social media platform best suited to strongly visual brands. Using evocative images paired with well-crafted captions is a great way to increase brand awareness. Contact us for information on a Basic Instagram Business Page Setup service including profile and 5 images with captions.

In addition to creating phenomenal social media content, the SMART Copywriter can also provide compelling website content for your business and assist with your corporate literature.
Social Media Content Creation and management for businesses.

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