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Your web copy needs to be written and organised in such a way that it puts the most efficient multi-tasker to shame. Optimized web copy must drive website traffic, engage potential customers and tell them exactly how your products or services will solve their problem and make their lives better, and of course – persuade them to take action and ultimately increase your sales.

SEO copywriting is an art – and a science.

There aren’t very many SEO copywriters in South Africa who specialise in SEO web copy.

The good news is: we do. 

Rather than merely chase the elusive ‘number 1 on Google’ we employ best practise in organic SEO copywriting including meticulously researched keywords, proper use of headings, titles and meta descriptions, alt-text  and  well written web pages that provide real value to your readers with in depth content.

Put simply, this means it makes your web site attractive to search engines and relevant to your audience.

Search engines reward freshness, which means that websites that are updated frequently are ranked higher.  

An easy way to ensure your site’s freshness is by engaging our services to produce your monthly or fortnightly blog post for your website.

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SEO Web copy that provides real value to your users.

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