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A bunch of talented, passionate word nerds skilled in the art of persuasion. Copywriters with a solid understanding of marketing and consumer psychology who will win over your audience and speak directly to the hearts of your niche market.

If you're looking for an experienced copywriter who gets you and your brand and will elevate you above your competitors - Tah Dah, you've found us!  Let’s spur your audience into action. Let’s create something utterly outstanding.

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Why you need an outstanding copywriter

The world has changed.

The business landscape looks very different from what it did a few months ago; fear and uncertainty abound and the economic climate is difficult. 

It’s a time of chaos and upheaval - but amidst this chaos lies great opportunity. 

Now is the time to forge ahead, change, and look for innovative solutions.  It’s your ability to adapt that will ensure your business’s survival – but no one is in business to merely survive. Now is the time to lay the foundation for long-term prosperity and security.

For those who dare, NOW is the time to build a brave new world.

Creating smart, engaging content is incredibly time consuming - Now is the time to work ON your business while you partner with an expert copywriter to create engaging content around your products and services.  We’ll deliver easy to understand, enticing copy to showcase your offering in the best possible light.

What can we help your business with?

We offer a range of professional copy writing, content creation, editing and proofreading services including:
  If it involves the written word, we can tease and cajole the very best words into the proper order.  Please head on over to our services page for more details.

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Jen on +27 66 452 2473
Des on +27 76 533 9715

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Copywriting client testimonials

“The copy you created for our client is amazing! It got the message across in a way that is consistent with their brand.

What a pleasant surprise to deal with people who are professional and deliver above expectation.

Thank you - we'll definitely be using you again”

— Nicky Hartel, MD The Support Room
“It was such a pleasure working with Jen. So easy, we just shared our ideas and what we wanted and Jen was able to take it and  word it beautifully in a way that flowed and made sense for our customers.  This was something we struggled to do for so long.

Thank you Jen for understanding our business so easily and for writing in our voice so effortlessly.

We highly recommend Jen as a copywriter - you simply can't go wrong with her.  She cares enough to ask questions until she understands where you are coming from and what you
what you hope to achieve.”

— Tracey-Leigh Stewart, The Oil Journey
“Jennifer wrote copy for a package I created but couldn't find the right words for.

She summed up my offering in a beautiful, fresh way that included my quirkiness after only spending a short time with me.
I loved my experience with her from beginning to end.”

— Nadine Ceronio,  Life Maps by Nadine

Some of our satisfied clients

The SMART Copywriter has created compelling copy for a number of lcal and international clients.

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